2019 IRA Cast

Alexis Morehouse


This is Alexis third year of doing colorguard. She went to Lakewood high school and performed for 2 colorguard/marching seasons and 2 winterguard seasons. She also did one season of college colorguard at CU Boulder. This is the first independent guard she has been a part of and she is excited for the experience as well as seeing how much she grows from it.

Alora Harper


Alora fell in love with color guard the instant she picked up a flag. Even with all of her bumps and bruises, she will never regret getting involved in such a unique activity. She still get chills from new choreography and she feels a wave of excitement when she hears what the next show will be. She is grateful to Anesidora for providing this opportunity to continue spinning because she doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon.

Aspen Delong


Aspen is 18 years old and this will be her fourth guard season but her first with Anesidora. Outside of guard she works with kids who have special needs. She was a band kid in high school so she has a passion for all things music related. She is super excited to continue something she loves to do past high school!

Casey Johner


This will be Casey's (or KC) first season with Anesidora, but her fifth winter season overall. She had the pleasure of being able to spin with Columbine high school as well as Dakota Ridge. She is so excited to see what the first season of Anesidora IRA will bring.

Cailyn Eveland


Cailyn has been participating in guard for 2 years with the Longmont high school marching band. She is currently a student at Longmont High School. Along with color guard she loves to play the bass, and she is a big volunteer at the Longmont human society. She is  very excited to be part of this guard and to expand my guard experience.

Jessica Hatch


Jessica has been doing colorguard for all four years of high school and she spun two seasons of Winterguard in high school. She spun with Malachi independent on the IRA team for two seasons.

Kimora Laird


Kimora is currently 18 years old and she is studying at the University of Colorado-Boulder. She is majoring in Astronomy and hoping to minor in Chinese. She has been in marching band for 3 seasons in high school, and she is currently spinning with the Golden Buffalo Marching Band. This is her 1st season with Anesidora and she super excited to be apart of something great.

Leo Balcer


Leo is 17 years old and has been spinning for two years, and he caught the fever! He can’t wait for an amazing first season of Winter Guard, and he is overjoyed to be spinning with Anesidora! "Peace and love!" -Leo 

Michael Gonzales


Paetyn Parriott


Paetyn is currently a student with ASU online and she works as a barista. She has been spinning since her sophomore year of high school with Dakota ridge winter guard and she has also marched two seasons with Columbine High School marching band. She took a gap year away from guard to work and focus on grasping adult life but she is super excited to start doing what she loves again with an awesome team.

Ruki Cahill


Ruki will be participating in her 4th season of color guard with Anesidora. After pursuing a variety of other sports, she found love for color guard after quite literally being dragged to a few clinics. She is excited to get out of the scholastic scene and jump right into independent!

Sierra Ranta

Sierra R.

From a young age Sierra has always been drawn to the performing arts. Beginning as a violist in elementary school she continued her music career throughout middle and high school. Then on one fateful day just over six years ago, she decided to join the Ralston Valley high school color guard. She marched three fall seasons and one winter with RVHS and joined Solstice Wintergard for their 2013/14 season. After graduating school she marched a season with the Colorado State University color guard. After a three-year long hiatus as a result of health and finance problems, she is excited to embark on her “come-back“ journey with Anesidora IRA guard. She hopes to improve on her current skills and grow as a performer; as she is anxious to make her return to WGI’s floor in Dayton.

Sierra Shurtz

Sierra S.

Sierra has been doing guard for five years. This will be her sixth year. She was in Windsor high school marching band for two years. Then she started Winterguard her senior year. After high school she joined Malachi's IRA team for two years.

Zaykeah Bradley-Hall


Zaykeah likes to describe herself as  outgoing and bubbly! She absolutely loves to spin and she has been spinning for about 5 years! She loves dancing and cracking jokes.