Help Anesidora Get to Dayton

Anesidora Winter Guard is an independent winter guard non-profit based out of Arvada, Colorado. We strive to foster the growth of creativity, hard work, and dedication.

For the last several years, we’ve had the privilege of traveling to Dayton, Ohio and competing in WGI World Championships, placing 8th in the world in A Class in 2017 and 12th in 2018. Each season, we further establish Anesidora as a contender on the national competition circuit and by donating below, you will be help fund that goal.

Anesidora Winter Guard is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and all donations are 100% tax deductible. HCPAA EIN: 45-3656969

Winter Guard is an activity that is heavily based in the arts. As many know, it can be very difficult to fund arts based activities and requires enormous dedication from those who hope to create and share their passions with the world. Guard is an extremely expensive activity which requires uniforms, silks, equipment, and props in order to craft a meaningful and successful show. Donations from friends, families, and businesses are vital to our success as a Winter Guard. Without help from our community, we would be unable to travel to regional competitions or compete in the National Championships in Dayton, Ohio. Your donations are greatly appreciated and essential to our success!

-Danniell Isaac


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Other Ways To Donate

Donating money is not the only way you can give back to the guard.

  1. You can also shop through Amazon Smile and select Anesidora Winter Guard as your designated charity. A portion of purchases will go to supporting the guard.
  2. You can also get one of our King Suppers cards. A portion of all purchases will also go to the guard. To get a card, email our head of fundraising at