2020 Season: IO & IA

Our 2020 Productions

“Where the Final Petals Fall”

Independent Open Class

Anesidora Open is proud to present their 2020 program “Where The Final Petals Fall”

The production represents the life of the sakura, the beautiful cherry blossom tree. Its petals blossom and exist in tranquility, soon the petals fall ever so softly blanketing the ground with its everlasting beauty.

The seasons come and go, and so does the beautiful sakura. From its peak to the end of the blossom, the cherry blossoms soon find their destiny. Yet, they drift down without struggle, a beauty slowly taken. But, the spring will soon come again and the sakura will bloom once more.


Independent A Class

Anesidora A is proud to present their 2020 program “West.”

The production represents life and relationships as a journey: a fated westward push influenced by the choices we make, the directions we travel along the way, and the potential new beginnings waiting for us when we get where we’re going.

It’s embracing the directionality of life and staying the course, even when forward momentum slows; we’ll all get there, we’ll be just fine.