2021: Wish You Were Here…

“Wish You Were Here…”

Virtual Performance

‘Wish You Were Here…’ is a production put together near the end of major quarantine practices. It a story of missing friends and family and wishing they were there with you in person. Throughout the video you will see the group start rehearsing and learning through zoom, as most color guards did during the quarantine shut downs. As time progresses you see everyone having the chance to be together and spin in person once again.

Show Music – ‘Seasong 1 to 4 and Other Little Stories: Bitter and Sweet’ ~Ezio Bosso, The Buxusconsort Strings Orchestra

Cast List

Alora Harper
Anna Ogren
Bethany Whitaker
Camille Broome
Carson Wedding
Coral Candelario
Djay Villa
Jessica Rolen
Karen Uviña
Madeline Morales
Maia Spriggs
Mckenna Cooper
Michael Gonzales
Monica Mason
Reyes Fragua
Ruby Voth
Sierra Lester